Fun Facts on the A21 Team:  

Allen Furst


Has jumped out of planes and rappelled down the sides  of tall buildings


Has been referred to as Aldo Primo when doing business in Italy many years ago


Was Michael Jordan’s financial advisor and confidant at the start of his NBA career


Brett Friedman                     

Managing Partner


Is a 3rd generation Miamian who loves his home town, but masquerades as a NY'er on a     regular basis


Loves raising his "mini me", Jake Parker Friedman, to be the future of A21


Is not a "foodie" and would prefer a good Scotch or Wine over fine dining any day


Lisa (Furst) Hall

Vice President

Was a 3 sports star athlete in High School (lacrosse, field hockey and basketball)


Has seen 25+ Broadway Musicals & usually listens to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat


Enjoys traveling and adventure; has river boarded in Argentina, zip lined in Costa Rica and rode an elephant in Thailand!


Rachel Davies

Director, Sponsorship Activation


Nickname is GreenTea!


She’s kind of obsessed with her dog – Mr. Tottenham!


Comes from a Brady Bunch family - 2 sisters and 3 brothers which are spread around the country - Chicago, Seattle, Indiana, Flagstaff and Houston!





Darrin Cohen

Director, Business Development and Sponsorship


Doesn't have a favorite color so whenever people ask him, he always says Aqua and Orange; this is all based on the Miami Dolphins.



Has two favorite musicians -- Darius rucker and Hootie and the Blowfish. Get it? 


Maribel Chaluja

Manager, Production and PR 


You’ll always find her rockin lipstick, as she owns every color from Kylie’s Lipkits Collection #Lipkitqueen


Cuban Lebanese, FIU & UM graduate who does her nails every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on the dot! 



Elizabeth Stoyanov

Assistant Finance Manager



Is a Cuban-Bulgarian super mommy of her two beautiful children - Luis & Nena!



Loves traveling, art, food, music, history, architecture, Marvel, Disney, and her high heels!



 Myah Holmquist

 Manager, Production


Is a Minneosta native and saw the Sunshine State for the first time when she packed her car to move here, and never going back!  


Loves cheese so much she can eat a pound of cheese in one sitting.


Is a true Belieber! #1 Fan!



Jordyn Epstein

Account Associate, Sponsorship Activation


 Loves traveling, laying on the beach, and never goes anywhere without her flatiron.


 Has watched every episode of Friends at least a dozen times.



Nick Timko

Account Executive, Sponsorship Sales 


He is a true Michigander that bleeds Honolulu Blue for his Detroit Lions and Maize and Blue for his Michigan Wolverines


He is the “self-proclaimed” best Mexican chef from the Midwest, known for his chicken fajitas – made with pre-cooked chicken breast and shredded cheese





Evan Jones

Account Executive, Sponsorship Sales


Born and raised Floridian who has yet to see snow....


Unfortunately allergic to shellfish, but would rather tackle a large pizza in one sitting any day of the week


Samantha Roebuck 

Account Associate, Production


Favorite gift to date is her lime green Kitchen Aid Mixer.


Loves all things dessert, but the Chipwich is her #1.


Anthony Gordon

Senior Director, Partnerships


Proud dad of 2 amazing boys, Samy and Noah.


Born in Montreal. Attended a French school from K-2nd Grad. Yet, I do not speak any French.


My wife's Peruvian family affectionately, at least so they tell me, calls me "El Gringo."

  Virginia Slattery

Manager, Production


Huge Bruce Springsteen fan - wish I was going to a concert every night!


Love cookie dough - wish I could eat it for dessert every day.




Vanessa Virgilio

Account Associate


Is a sneaker head, one can never own too many shoes!


Gets bored of having the same nail polish color, so it changes every week

  Amanda Vidaurre

Account Associate


Born and raised Miami girl and self-titled Cuban Cafecito Queen (Yes, with espumita and everything).


Visited an Ostrich Farm in Mallorca in 2017 and was chased by a giant one named Jumbo. Did you know ostriches can kill a lion with just one kick? Luckily, I'm still here!